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Online resources for learning Canopy: We recommend reading the first couple sections of Mastering Canopy and then skipping around to other sections of interest.
To the core developers, Canopy is not a job, but a passion. We are excited to work closely with Canopy users to bring IoT products to life. We answer questions quickly and are always happy to help!

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Canopy's Cloud Variables allow firmware developers to initialize and access state that is stored in the cloud.

canopy_var_init(ctx, "out float32 temperature"); canopy_var_set_float32(ctx, "temperature", temperature); canopy_sync(ctx);

These Cloud Variables can then be accessed anywhere on the web by your application (or third-party apps) using Canopy's REST API.




{ "result" : "ok, ... "vars" : { "temperature" : { "t" : "2014-11-08T18:42:30", "v" : 87.45 } } }

It sounds simple, but we've put a lot effort into making sure all of this happens securely, efficiently, and scalably.

To learn more check out Mastering Canopy (Online).