1.1 Getting Started: About Cloud-Enabled Devices

Technological Trends That Are Enabling IoT

There is certainly a lot of buzz about the "Internet of Things" these days. But looking past the hype, there are some powerful technological trends at play that are changing the way we interact with physical devices:

The Result is IoT

These trends together are fundamentally changing how consumers interact with products. It continues to become cheaper and easier for manufacturers to create "smart" Internet-connected products. The incremental cost to build a "smart" product vs "traditional" product is trending towards zero. When you add the cloud and apps to the picture, it is easy to imagine a world where nearly every device has a physical interface (mechanical) as well as a virtual interface (software).

The Cloud's Role

The cloud is an important piece of the IoT puzzle because it enables remote control and monitoring of devices over the web. Without it, only local/proximal interactions are possible.

IoT "Design Patterns"

There are many paths an IoT device can take to get to the Internet. Some examples:

No matter how the device reaches the Internet, there needs to be something there for it to talk to. That's where Canopy comes in. Canopy is at it's core a cloud service that sits between IoT devices and IoT apps. Canopy helps you create a cloud-based virtual interface for your device.