Canopy v15.05.08
Release Date: May 08, 2015

Download: Release Package Download Page

Release Notes: New client-side components.
  • New Component: Completely rewritten Javascript client libary
  • New Component: New Web UI Framework
  • New Component: New Canopy minimal C client
  • Scalability/Performance: Device filtering, sorting, and pagination is now performed server-side
  • Device Manager: Completely revamped Device Manager now uses new javascript client and Web UI framework.
  • Device Manager: Removal of most unsupported features.
  • Device Manager: Auto-refresh.
  • Device Manager: Improved navigation using URL query string
  • API: Selectable timestamp format using timestamps=epoch_us or timestamps=rfc3339
  • Reorg: Move pigeon code from canopy/jobqueue to canopy/pigeon directory
  • Build: Bake build date, version and commit into server executable

Canopy v15.04.03
Release Date: Apr 03, 2015

Download: Release Package Download Page

Release Notes: Scalability and Performance Improvements and API Changes
  • Scalability/Performance: Implement multiresolution stratified downsampling of time series data
  • Scalability/Performance: Implement trimming of old time series data by LOD (garbage collecting)
  • Scalability: Implement distributed message passing system ("Pigeon")
  • Scalability: Re-implement each REST endpoint as Pigeon task
  • API: Remove Device Accounts. Now a Device is just a Device and an Account is always a User Account.
  • API: Rename /api/create_account to /api/create_user
  • API: Rename /api/me to /api/user/self and/or /api/device/self
  • API: Add skip-email option to several endpoints.
  • API: Document ability to sort, filter and paginate devices (added to documentation but not implemented yet)
  • API: Change some timestamps to report in microseconds since the Unix Epoch
  • API: Rename activated to validated (email validation status).
  • API: Rename sddl to var_decl
  • Bug Fix: Implement account email changing and fix username/email validation.
  • Bug Fix: Implement account and device deletion.
  • Bug Fix: Several API bug fixes, particularly relating to error reporting.
  • Reorganize: Rename canopy-cloud-service to canopy-server and canodevtool to canopy-ops
  • Reorganize: Change default log file to /var/log/canopy/server.log
  • Refactor: Refactor canopy-ops code

Canopy 0.9.1 - Beta
Release Date: Feb 10, 2015

Download: Release Package 0.9.1 Download Page

Release Notes: Critical security improvements and some additional features.
  • Security: Add HTTPS support and enable by default.
  • Security: Configure Password Salt and Hash Cost per-server and no longer reveal their values in source code.
  • Security: Implement password reset requests.
  • Security: Require and verify device Secret Key in communications from device.
  • Feature: Add Google Maps visualization to device manager.
  • Bug Fix: Fix Account lookup by email.
  • Bug Fix: Fix SDDL cache consistency during var deletion.
  • Bug Fix: Periodically send ping to each connected device to better detect closed websocket connections.
  • API: Remove di/ endpoints and unify the api/ endpoints across users & devices.
  • Operations: Add database migration framework.
  • Cleanup: Remove old code, particularly in the EDK.

Canopy 0.9.0 - Beta
Release Date: Jan 6, 2015

Download: Release Package 0.9.0 Download Page

Release Notes: Initial release of Canopy Server, Canopy Embedded Development Kit (EDK), and Canopy Application Development Kit (ADK).